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Love,Truth and Consequences: Beautiful Trouble (Coming Soon)

Normally, Patrice Duncan would never consider herself a prude. But the moment her newly engaged friend talks her into going along to Kinky Inc. a local adult store, she begins to feel exactly that. While there she meets owner Daire O'Shae a man who peeks her interests in a very naughty way. Jaded in love, she is reluctant to take a chance when he suggests they get to know one another, and rebuffs his advances.                                                                                      Daire had never met anyone quite like Patrice before, a woman who reminds him of a fairy princess. But with her spiked hair and petite frame, she could never be mistaken for one. From the moment he saw her standing in the aisle among the toys and lingerie looking somewhat embarrassed he immediately becomes intrigued. Wondering what makes her tick? Always up for a challenge Daire is determined to scale the high wall Patrice has put around herself. Vowing to make her his in every way possible.

Love, Truth and Consequences: Beautiful Trouble
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